a view of  Exaggerations in Interim, Positive Space Studios, 2018
I am influenced by the malleability of post-girlhood identity. I look to possessions as a medium through which to unearth the female fixation on domestic skill, object materialism, and appearance that exists even at an age when domesticity seems irrelevant. My interpretations of banal pieces of twenty-something life reference the tension between growth and inevitability. I create these forms through heavily thinned layers of paint to create an almost watercolor like appearance to the oil, then add drastic intensely pigmented splashes of color, creating a contrast in texture and value in a haphazard, whimsical way. This variation in application obscures the physical materiality and abundance of the objects, which in combination with portraying them  at uncharacteristic times in their life cycles, questions their purpose, their significance, and their necessity to our identities. They represent false narratives for supposedly meaningful, yet undeveloped occasions; they are souvenirs of moments still in formation; caricatures of sentimentality for plans that have passed without fruition. 
Expressive painter K Ann Horn explores repetitive shapes through washy, painterly mark making to both understand the symbolic weight and obscure the structural meaning of her subjects, which range from figurative to organic to banal. She draws inspiration from both her upbringing in Detroit and Grosse Pointe, Michigan and her current lifestyle in Lincoln Park, Chicago. She has shown her work in Ann Arbor, MI and Chicago.