Attempting to define where my girlhood ends and womanhood begins, I organize my conflicting feelings of transition and permanence through depictions of moments that appear naively adult. Scenes of objects, spaces, and female figures lie in between the private and public: half posed, half dismantled, wholly dramatic in line and color; displays that could appear rather commonplace to a social media feed become magically intimate, questioning whether they exist as a private acts for those involved or as purposeful projections displayed for evaluation. Alternative, isolated, women-only worlds emerge from sporadically layering, altering or skewing unchoreographed, random reference images of women and their things. The canvas becomes a retelling of narratives once left for the digital realm and a chance to realign how these images project, amplify, or entirely ignore the traditional roles of women. 

Depicting these moments in paint abstracts the obvious perception of the image – faces are gone, colors are brightened - presenting the more dream-like, altered rendition of a memory. Through detailed rendering, I draw focus to particular elements — such as objects and food — to explore how these objects exist in a moment as their own being altogether, acting as a symbol or signal. Sometimes I depict objects that hold meaning, and I aim to understand how this object exists in a certain span of time; other times I depict larger scenes, presenting a wider view of an occasion or narrative. 

K Ann Horn
b. 1993 Detroit, MI

Kelsey Ann Horn is a Chicago-based artist depicting the complicated layers of female identity in layers of oil paint. Her work explores the female relationships impacting her own identity with a particular focus upon the depictions of such in the realm of social media. Her figurative paintings explore the juxtaposition of the need to be seen and the pain in seeing through deliberate, vibrant brush strokes in a washy yet impasto style.​​​​​​​
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